A$AP Rocky fears for his life due to a woman who he claims has been making his life a living hell.

The rapper beelined it to court requesting a temporary restraining order against an L.A. woman named Micaela Jimenez, who A$AP claims has shown up uninvited to his crib numerous times – even making it into his master bedroom once.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, the rapper says Jimenez “has been relentless in her fixation with me and my whereabouts” to the point she’s contacted family members and close friends trying to coax info out of them. Rocky alleges she arrived at his house, demanded to see him and threatened to force her way inside.

His security told her to leave, and she eventually did, but not before tossing ink all over his parked car and yelling, “F*** you, I’ll be back again!” … according to the docs.

A$AP claims there were other incidents when he claims he found Jimenez sleeping in her car in close proximity to his house. Then in April, he claims Jimenez showed up saying she’s married to the rapper.

There is also video of Jimenez hugging Rocky from behind while he performed at Midnight Rave in December 2018.

The most disturbing incident, though, happened in June 2018, when Jimenez entered his home, punched the rapper’s assistant before making it to his master bedroom. 

According to the docs, the rapper’s personal security ultimately arrived and removed her and Rocky says his assistant filed a police report.

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