Though it has in no way been confirmed by any of the involved parties, you’ve surely seen a tweet or three popping up in celebration of widely circulating claims that Donald Glover will be returning as Lando Calrissian for a new Disney+ series.

The current source of all this is the team behind the YouTube channel Kessel Run Transmissions, which said on Wednesday:

“So, we’ve heard that Donald Glover is coming back as Lando in his own series.”

This is significant among fans because, as Jeremy Conrad over at Star Wars Unity points out, the Kessel Run Transmissions team previously bagged a scoop related to The Bad Batch ahead of the formal Lucasfilm announcement. Still, the latest Glover report—which further claims the Solostar has signed on or is close to doing so—hasn’t been confirmed.

The troubled production behind 2018’s Solo, which marked Glover’s inaugural turn as the beloved franchise character first brought into the pop culture lexicon by Billy Dee Williams, famously resulted in the firing of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. And while it would be disingenuous to call that A Star Wars Story entry a failure, the movie—which ultimately enlisted the services of occasional GOAT Ron Howard—arguably fell short of what it could have done with the origin story of Han Solo.

At any rate, fans of Glover’s take on Lando have taken kindly to Wednesday’s report, though we must again stress that his return has not been confirmed.

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