When the Grimes announced her pregnancy in a controversial Instagram post back in January, fans and trolls seized at the chance to suggest hilarious and bizarre names for the child. However, no one could have anticipated the unusual name Musk (jokingly?) announced yesterday. Now Grimes is letting fans know the meaning behind the name “X Æ A-12 Musk.”

Taking to Twitter, the Canadian pop star gave a much-needed break down of her baby name. The X, she explains, stands for unknown variable – obviously. Æ is the elven spelling for AI which represents love or Artificial Intelligence.

A-12 refers to the precursor to her and Musk’s favorite aircraft the SR-17 – although, we believe Grimes is referring to the SR-71, which actually is a strategic aircraft. The reason this makes for a perfect baby name is because it has “No weapons, no defenses, just speed. Great in battle, but non-violent.” The A in A-12 also refers to “Anarchy,” which is her favorite song.

Grimes ended her explanation with swords and rat emoji along with the phrase “metal rat,” which we hope is a reference to this year in the Chinese zodiac.

Grimes and Elon have given no indication of how to correctly pronounce their lovely baby name. Leave it to Twitter users, sequestered in their homes, to take a jab at pronouncing the bizarre name. The newborn baby, X Æ A-12, has quickly become butt of a lot of extra-terrestrial jokes and memes, scroll down for some of the most hilarious ones.

See some of the reactions below:

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