The singer was accused by a woman who identified herself as Danielle and withheld her last name. In a Tweet dated 20 June, which has since been deleted – along with the account – she claimed that she met Bieber when she was 21, and he was 20, at a music event in Austin.

She claimed that on 9 March, after he performed a surprise set, Bieber invited Danielle and her friends to the Four Seasons hotel, where he took her to a separate room and assaulted her. The Guardian was not able to contact the woman to seek comment. She has given no further details of the allegations other than her Twitter post.

The allegation was initially denied by Alison Kaye, the general manager of Scooter Braun’s SB Projects, who represents Bieber. Kaye said the allegation was “factually impossible”, saying on Sunday that Bieber stayed at AirBnB the night in question, and that his hotel reservation in Austin didn’t begin until the following night, and was at the Westin, not the Four Seasons.

Later on Sunday, Bieber followed up with his own tweets, sharing photos, receipts and emails which he says show that he stayed at an AirBnb in Austin on 9 March, and at the Westin hotel on 10 March. He said he was in Austin with his then-girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

Justin then took to Twitter to clarify things A-Z:

Bieber acknowledges that he did appear in that bar on that day for a surprise performance, but points out that he attended the show with his then-girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

Danielle claims they met in person, took pictures together, and spoke for about 20 minutes. She says that she has withheld posting the pictures for “legal reasons.” 

After her alleged interaction with Bieber and his friend, Danielle claims that she and her two friends were invited to the Four Seasons Hotel. Bieber denies ever staying at the hotel, pointing to a tweet alleging that he was there.

He finished by saying he intends to take legal action.  

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