Who’s got the hottest album? Who’s got the most valuable product line? Who is the biggest celebrity in the world? Who has the biggest TV/Netflix contract? Who sold out more shows? Who has the best house? Who has more houses? And now… which couple is RICHER? For a long time the answer to that last question has definitively been Jay-Z and Beyonce. For over a decade, Kanye’s net worth couldn’t hold a candle to Jay’s. In 2013, Jay-Z was worth $500 million, while Kanye was worth around $75 million. Jay-Z became the first billionaire rapper in history in June 2019. At that point Beyonce was worth $400 million, so their combined net worth was $1.4 billion. Today Jay-Z and Beyonce’s net worth are $1.5 billion. If you were to go back a year ago, Kim and Kanye were reportedly worth around $600 million together, roughly $300 million from him, $350 million from her. Newly revealed financial documents clearly show the Yeezy business is reportedly worth at least $3+ billion. Kanye’s other assets are worth around $300 million ($120 million – real estate, $80 million music production/royalties, $120 million – Yeezy.com and other). He has around $100 million in liabilities, mostly in the form of mortgages related to a property portfolio that includes several homes in Los Angeles and over 10,000 acres of land and commercial space in Wyoming. When you subtract the $100 million in liabilities from his $3.3 billion in assets, you arrive on a net worth of $3.2 billion for Kanye. With Kim Kardashian’s net worth of reportedly $500 million, this makes Kim and Kanye’s combined net worth $3.55 billion. The Kardashian-Wests are now worth more than double the The Knowles-Carters.

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