Kanye West‘s former bodyguard, Steve Stanulis, is dishing dirt on the rapper, detailing the bizarre rules he had to follow working for Ye. He recently explained why he was one of his “least favorite people to work with over the course of time.”

According to Stanulis, things already went left on his first day. “When he gets there, we get into the elevator and he says ‘Aren’t you going to push what floor we are going to?’ I was like ‘I have no idea what floor, it’s my first day,’” he recalled. “So he starts ranting, ‘So you mean you didn’t call ahead to find out where I’m supposed to be going?” I said ‘no.’”

While on the job Stanulis also had to abide by Kanye’s “ridiculous rules.” One of which being he had to “stay 10 paces” behind Mr. West at all times. “So obviously if someone is going to come up and do something, by the time I try to run up and prevent it, it would have already happened,” he explained.

In 2016, Stanulis was abruptly fired by Kanye during the Met Gala after the rapper accused him of hitting on Kim. A claim Stan Stanulis refuted, calling Ye “the most self-absorbed person” he’s ever met.

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