Kanye West, a multi-industry creative entrepreneur, will soon be unveiling a new website for his fashion label Yeezy. The website will feature his collection of footwear, clothes, and accessories. This will be unlike anything that we have seen before on the internet.

The rapper and designer have teamed up with Nick Knight, which will detail the Yeezy Supply redesign, which is described as a website with no words, an intimate experience which features real people, the customers can try clothes on, and learn more about them. Knight further explained how he and West worked on the concept for three years using a “non-artistic approach.”

The website will enable us to pick an outfit, then put it on a 3D model who will then walk across the screen. And You can also know more about that model themselves. You can also click to get a few background details of that model, like her favourite food, or life experience and background that the model has had. There are no words on the screen, the overall experience will be like a video game.

 Nick knight, West’s creative partner on designing the website said, “We were trying to make the internet a more humane place. We’ve gotten used to the internet being a flat, two-dimensional place. But the internet is also this amazing tool that connects everybody in the world: What if we could use it to get to know the people we are looking at on the screen?”

West’s streetwear brand is expected to be available at Gap stores and Gap.com in 2021.

Kanye West has tweeted, “YEEZY AND GAP FORM PARTNERSHIP,” adding the hashtag, “#WESTDAYEVER.”

The Global head of Gap brand, Mark Breitbard, said in his statement that ‘We are excited to welcome Kanye back to the Gap family as a creative visionary, building on the aesthetic and success of his YEEZY brand and together defining a next-level retail partnership,” 

This news has come after one week of E! News that West is planning to launch a YEEZY cosmetic line. West had filed the trademark about an array of beauty products ranging across a lot of varieties, including cosmetics, skincare, hair, nails, body, perfumes, and appliances.

The exciting thing about that website is that there will not be any flat photographs of the models. In fact, the Yeezy Supply will have 3D images of models that will look like video game avatars. You can choose any model from a different category with different body types. Then, you will be able to put outfits from the Yeezy collection on the model of your choice. West has picked models that have powerful stories and have done important things for their communities and circle. There are Nurses, Firefighters, and Public school teachers. Pieces of information of these narratives will be available for the customers to explore.

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