Kanye West might be among the assortment of artists who have delivered new music during the most bizarre time in modern history – corona virus aka. COVID-19.

Though no one from West’s team has made anything an official announcement regarding imminent new music, particularly with regards to a title and possible release date, cinematographer and artist Arthur Jafa spoke fairly definitively on exactly that during a recent Instagram Live chat with fashion icon Michèle Lamy, Rick Owens’ wife.

Jafa told Lamy he’s recently been “really busy” on a video-focused collaboration with West.  “It’s from his new record,” he said, noting that the project—as far as he knows—is not connected with West’s Sunday Service experience. “It’s called God’s Country and this will be, like, the first single, I guess, off of it. I don’t know if I’m supposed to not be announcing it or whatever. I may just be spilling the beans. But yeah it’s from a new record that’s forthcoming. I don’t know when the album is coming out but the single, I think, maybe some time next week. Maybe. It’s not sure. It’s not definite.” 

Notably, Arthur Jafa’s previously released video essay Love Is the Message, The Message Is Death—which was displayed at the Met and elsewhere—utilized West’s 2016 Pablo cut “Ultralight Beam.”

West was previously quoted back in late 2019 as referring to the state of Wyoming, which has been the well-publicized launch site of all his recent projects, as being “God’s country”

The billionaire Yeezy mogul has not confirmed the title. The album would follow last year’s Jesus Is King, which became his ninth No. 1 on the Billboard 200. In November 2019, Kanye announced that he and Dr. Dre were in the studio working on a sequel to Jesus Is King called Jesus Is King Part II.

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