400,000 people may return back to work in New York this Monday.

New York has been one of the cities with the highest number of COVID-19 infections; more than 205,000 have been infected and reportedly 22,000 have died.

City’s first phase is reopening – those are construction jobs, retails companies, and manufacturing sites. Other places that people are patiently waiting for to open such as gyms, hair salons, office jobs, and restaurants still hasn’t gotten a green light to open until the second phase plan begins, which is likely to happen in July.

The businesses allowed to open in first phase will still have to keep up with health and safety instructions. Employees must practice six feet distance from each other, there will be limited number of people per meeting, and wearing masks.

Reportedly, over 850,000 people lost their job during COVID-19 pandemic and recovery is not expected to happen until 2022. So far, New York has lost over $9 billion USD in revenue.

However, reopening will be difficult with all protests still going on. Over hundreds of stores were burglarised by looters. Many shop owners are left with nothing now which will lead to closure of businesses.

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