Balenciaga has announced a new collaboration with Harry Nuriev, a New York-based artist, architect and furniture design. The piece — Balenciaga Sofa — has been created for Design Miami 2019, and sees Nuriev champion environmental accountability by constructing a sofa from discarded Balenciaga clothing.

The sofa was chosen as the basis of the collaboration as it acts as the center of many people’s homes, and sees a transparent vinyl material encasing damaged or unsellable pieces and off-cuts from old Balenciaga stock. The pieces visible through the vinyl are clearly Balenciaga, with labels, patterns and logos clearly on display.

Unveiling the sofa, Balenciaga explained that it was “intended to encourage sustainable practices within design and elsewhere,” as well as adding that “the piece reflects Balenciaga’s recognition of the responsibility designers have to counterbalance their environmental impact, and dedication to implementing programs that upcycle waste and contribute to a circular economy.”

Take a look at the Balenciaga Sofa in the gallery above, and keep an eye out for the piece at Design Miami when it opens on December 3.