Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix’s critically acclaimed Joker has surpassed Ryan Reynolds‘ 2016 film Deadpool as the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time.

The screening of Joker, a Todd Phillips-directed film, ended this Saturday with a massive $934 million USD in global ticket sales — domestic sales amounted to $299.6 million USD, and international sales brought in $634.4 million USD. Unlike traditional superhero films, Joker’s storyline is centered around the villain. It’s unconventional plot shocked Warner Bros. executives, who gave the film a relatively small budget. Fortunately, Phillips managed to turn the production’s miniscule cost of $60 million USD into a major payday, where Joker is guaranteed to gross over $500 million USD in profit. Not only has it become the highest-earning Warner Bros. film in 10 markets, it’s also the top-grossing DC movie in 36 markets, 4th highest-selling DC film, and the 13th highest-selling superhero film, even surpassing Spider-Man 3 ($895 million).