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The sexually suggestive Chris Brown's video "Wobble Up" was released on Monday and got backlashed a few hours afterwards for allegedly copying several artists' work. German's origins photographer and artist Marius Sperlich took to his Instagram with nearly 400K followers -- to say that his artworks from 2018 had been used with no credit. "Nobody cares about creation, originals and credit anymore. Especially if you are a young and an emerging artist... " he wrote. All this has lead to starting a #CHANGETHEINDURSTY movement. You started #CHANGETHEINDUSTRY movement. What exactly would you like to achieve with this? M: Lately the creative industry is struck by theft of ideas and it is very important to create a voice for that problem. We encourage other artists to talk about their stories to create an open dialogue and make this problem known to the public. Usually, when this happens big companies always win, since little creatives can barely handle a big process. Now they have at least a platform to talk about their stories. How did you find out about Chris Brown’s “Wobble Up” video and art scenes in it which look alike copy of your work? M: My community told me about the great resemblance and honestly, I was hardly impressed and thought to myself: "This will develop the same way as always and I won’t achieve anything." But then I recognized the concepts of the other copied artists and was confident that there could happen more in this case. That's why I decided to go public this time. Would you have done anything different to protect your previous work? M: My physical artworks are exhibited internationally and therefore protected. Of course, for digital works it is much more difficult to protect them. This is the responsibility of everyone working in the creative industry to respect intellectual property. I just want to show that it's not OK to do whatever you want with an idea or artwork just because it’s published on the internet. There is a need for new rules. Copyright infringements became kind of normal, it's our duty to educate people and help artists who are affected by situations like this. Did you take all this as a lesson/compliment or will you take things further? M: If I would do nothing at all, that would be like a wild card for everyone who doesn’t respect intellectual property. Therefore we are currently in contact with the production company and will try to find an agreement. What is your dream goal / job? What would you like to do and achieve? M: I want to create awareness about important topics like this one. My work generally focuses on social issues we face every day but are not always aware that there is a problem at all. If I can change that a little and continue working as an artist at the same time, that’s great. Your message to all inspiring artists with similar situations? M: You are only as much a victim as you are letting them. Stay with your beliefs and stand for your right. Watch the video below.

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