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After the triumphant return of Top Boy to Netflix in 2019, Drake has appeared to confirm a new season is releasing later this year. The announcement took place via Instagram, with UK-based publication GRM Daily sharing the news that Top Boy was one of Netflix’s highest performing shows of 2019 accompanied with the caption “Will we see a new series in 2020?” Drake then commented on the post “Of course.” Drake served as executive producer on the revived Top Boy, which originally ran from 2011 to 2013 on Channel 4 before Netflix brought it back last year. Speaking to HYPEBEAST ahead of the show’s release, star Ashley Walters explained how the unlikely collaboration came about: “I think Drake helped to shine that light on it. First and foremost he is a big fan, he was like, “When’s the next season?” and we had to tell him that there isn’t one. At that point it just became about how we could get it back out there. He did all the legwork, it wasn’t like it was me calling him saying, “Let’s do this.” It went quiet for a year and then we got the call that it was happening.” Keep an eye out for more updates on the next Top Boy season over the coming weeks, with confirmation from Netflix expected in the near future.

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