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If you're familiar with "Paid in Full", you're familiar with Ace Boogie. Ace is an impressionable young man working for a dry cleaning business. Soon, Ace finds himself dealing cocaine and moves to the top of the Harlem drug world. Of course, unfaithful employees and/or rivals conspire to bring about Ace's fall. Written by A Boogie, coming from the Bronx, being very influenced and related to the movie. TALK TO ME. LONDON. It's my second time here and I had my first show at Brixton Electric it was lit. I brought out 6ix9ine, Stefflon Don. The artists here are fire, I linked up with Fredo last year. We were cooking in the studio andI felt like I was home, I come from the streets and so does he, that type of environment makes me comfortable. DO YOU LIKE TO COLLABORATE WITH PEOPLE ABROAD/IN THE UK? Of course that's the whole point of me dropping this international projects. Me coming from Bronx right by the Yankee Stadium with the Yankee Stadium chain, I want to show New York what we can do and open up their eyes, their minds. People in New York don't really go out of New York. I have this big opportunity in front of me so I'm taking a full advantage of it. ACE BOOGIE AND BOOGIE WITH A HOODIE? It’s a movie that I used to watch every single day, I'd cut school just to watch it. “Paid in Full” is a movie about some street shit back home and A Boogie was the main character. He was a nobody, he was broke, he was working at the cleaners, then started hustling and got his money up, then everybody was on him and all that. AND YOU RELATE TO THAT? Yeh my life's pretty similar, I was on the streets then I started taking music seriously, put all in it and now I'm here. It's crazy how life changes. If you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere because that's real. It's hard to make it anywhere but New York has a lot of competiton, once you start making moves, everyone knows about it, all rappers, everybody's trying to do the same thing. You really got to be good. I went to Florida for 3 years and saw everything on the outside inside and that was that flip for me. HOW WAS TO LIVE IN FLORIDA? It changed a perspective on a whole another level. People there are so much nicer, you know, from different cultures while in New York you just see Dominicans and blacks. It's was a great opportunity for me, people there are so nice and say hi to you even when you just see them for the first time. Where I'm from giving a look to someone you're not supposed to can get you in big troubles. It really made me a better person for real. YOUR BIGGEST DESIRE TO WORK WITH? Jay Z till I die. I got so much respect for him and for what he's achieved. He grew up in Brooklyn, I’m from the Bronx, we both run our towns. Not only in music but also the business aspect. He's also the reason I just closed a deal with Puma now because, I was dealing with Jordan before. WHAT ARE THE TOP FIVE BRANDS YOU DESIRE THE MOST? I like different stuff. like Givenchy, Moschino, Mike & Mary, Dior, Gucci. ONE SONG YOU DESIRE THE MOST NOW? Anything Juice WRLD. YOU DESIRE JEWELLERY. PRICE? Yeh (laughs), so all four chains I'm wearing right now are worth around $350, the watch is small, only $85K. DOES THAT REPRESENT A STATUS TO YOU? I'd say it's more of a trend people these days are richer, young people have a lot of money more than usual. You don't need ice to be a rapper but I like to treat myself. People nowadays to a lot of dumb things just for attention like what if one day they take that shit from you and you're left with nothing? I could get an insurance but these people in the streets work for chains and still got no money.

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