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Macklemore stops in London during Gemini Tour. YOU'RE A GEMINI AND YOUR LATEST LP IS TITLED 'GEMINI'. DO YOU BELIEVE IN HOROSCOPE? I have a crazy story, I met this woman twice to read my "future, I was 18 and she said you will have a big platform to reach people and to be careful about drugs and alcohol. I have recorded this. I believe and don't, I've duality in everything, I've been sober and been addicted, fun songs and very serious. All this duality to my personality is shown in my music. There's nothing predictable, nothing consistent that you can say "aha, we got this, this is like this,..". No. IS THERE A SONG ON THE ALBUM THAT HAS A SPECIAL MEANING FOR YOU? There are different song that remind me of different things. ‘Excavate’ reminds me of my children and also the 'End of the Album' when we were in Berlin. I can work long hours and days and come up with a crazy good song the very last minute. HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH TOURING? LOTS OF ARTISTS GET EXTREMELY TIRED I'm just blessed for what I have. It has ups and downs, I'm aways from my kids, my family,, but I love what I do. I've been extremely blessed, got a sold out tour, amazing fans, all my shows have good energy, great vibes you know. It's also a big part of my income. Artists these days don't earn much with streamnig and what you do, most of it goes to labels. Then with touring, you get the money. I'm really just being present and enjoying my life as much as I can now, in this moment. WHAT'S IN YOUR WARDROBE RIGHT NOW THAT YOU DESIRE THE MOST? Defenitely the new Burberry jacket I'm wearing now. I really like the brand and what it stands for. I'm also a hoodie fan - Champion hoodies. Dickie pants, oversized wide legged pants, trench coats, Air Max sneakers. I can't really give you brand names as I go for it randomly as I like it. But I'd definitely say a pair of dickies, Air Max and a hoodie. WHERE IS MACKLEMORE IN 2025? My future is always a blank canvas. I like to focus on present. I've been thinking about my London show tonight. I also like to make sure I give time to my family and to be a good dad. once they get to school, it's over! I'll also try to travel a bit more, see what I can learn new in acting and music. Maybe start a TV Show. Those are just my future desires but I really don't know. I took a shower this morning and it hit me I might not be doing this (touring) forever and that I sould enjoy while it's here. it's a sold out tour and the crowd is incredible. I just want to appreciate the life that's in front of me.

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