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Nineties Brit pop is emerging as an inspiration for designers, especially the ones based in Britain. Daniel Kearns ran with the theme for his spring collection for Kent & Curwen and now some fellow Brits — brothers George and Mike Heaton — have put a different spin on it, with a colorful, soft-edged streetwear collection that also took in tailoring and outerwear for spring. “It’s very Brit pop, very rock ’n’ roll. We thought about what the musicians would be wearing on stage and what the fans would be wearing, too,” Mike said. That would explain the white vintage Rolls Royce on the catwalk that was graffitied by models as part of the finale, and short jacket emblazoned with the words, “It’s Grim Up North,” a reference to the designers’ Manchester roots. Looks included technical trousers slashed at the knee and bright checked cotton shirts with similarly sliced up sleeves. The brand stayed true to its streetwear roots, showing off burgundy zip-front tops with matching shorts and camouflage pullover rain jackets. The brothers also injected some fine tailoring, too, in the form of check suits with narrow trousers that gathered at the ankle, and other tailored trousers cinched with skinny, rope-like belts.

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