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Evian‘s Creative Advisor and Off-White™ designer Virgil Abloh has continued his line of Evian water bottles with the release of an all-new 75cl offering. The limited-edition water bottle has been developed by Abloh, who back in December 2018 was named Evian’s “Creative Advisor for Sustainable Innovation.” Since, Abloh has created a range of sought-after water bottles such as the 75cl “RAINBOW INSIDE” iteration and numerous SOMA bottles, all as part of the “One Drop can Make a Rainbow” collection. This time around, Abloh and Evian reference the rainbow once more with a “MAKE A RAINBOW” 75cl glass water bottle. Featuring block capital letters colored in a gradient effect, the bottle is finished with Evian branding and the designer’s archetype stamp, “c/o virgil abloh™.” Speaking on the bottle, Abloh says, “This new exclusive bottle follows the same concept of [a] rainbow of colors. Beautifully crafted by the see-through effect, it reveals the full polychromatic potential of the collection’s mantra: “MAKE A RAINBOW.” You can pick up this exclusive and highly-limited-edition Virgil Abloh x Evian 75cl “MAKE A RAINBOW” water bottle in France and Asia Pacific. For those looking to purchase more from the collection, check out the glass SOMA bottles on MATCHESFASHION.COM.

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