Saint Laurent has revealed that it will no longer show its collections at Paris Fashion Week. The move comes as the luxury French fashion house continues to adapt to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, which has wreaked havoc in the fashion industry. “Conscious of the current circumstance and its waves of radical change, Saint Laurent has decided to take control of its pace and reshape its schedule,”  according to a statement from the brand. “Now more than ever, the brand will lead its own rhythm, legitimating the value of time and connecting with people globally by getting closer to them in their own space and lives.” Instead of unveiling its collections in the traditional format, by showing at Paris Fashion Week, the brand will “launch its collections following a plan conceived with an up-to-date perspective, driven by creativity.” Saint Laurent’s announcement comes after both Paris Fashion Week Men’s and Haute Couture Week – which were both scheduled for summer – were cancelled, owing to the current pandemic. The threat posed by Covid-19 has caused a slew of high-profile fashion events to be cancelled, including the annual Met Gala and the Cannes Film Festival. Paris Fashion Week is still, as yet, scheduled for September, while it was recently announced that – in a bid to adapt to the circumstances – London Fashion Week will be digital, for the first time ever.

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